Stop gambling or control my gambling is the question you may be asking yourself. A study came out yesterday that talked about controlled gambling as a possible solution to a gambling addiction or a severe gambling problem. This is known as “harm reduction” and seems to be showing some promise.

If you are reading this post, and you are a problem gambler, you may me wondering, or may have wondered at some time if controlling gambling can actually work. You may have even tried to cut down in the past and it worked, but then you slipped back in to uncontrolled gambling.

There is a big debate over this issue, and I tend to believe myself that controlled gambling may work for a while, but then the loss of control can kick in because of the addictive process.

It really depends also how severe a gambling addiction is. If the gambling problem is totally out of control, with credit cards maxed out, house on the line, and total loss of savings, it is my believe that total abstinence from gambling is the answer. At that point, making the decision to stop gambling and sticking to it would be the answer.

Gambling addiction help would be something that you would seek out if you have a severe problem and need help to stop as it is difficult to go about this alone.

For many gambling addicts,especially those with the popular slot machine addiction or pokies addiction, gambling is like taking the drug crack cocaine. The gamblers high is so extreme, that just having “one hit” of some slot machine action can cause a great amount of harm because the gambler is unable to stop his or her self. Frequent visits to the ATM become the answer, and a gambling binge then results in horrible consequences of financial loss and emotional devastation.

The true answer to this question is most likely within yourself. Are you able to just bring a small amount of money or amount that you can afford with you to the casinos? Do you leave your ATM cards at home, and only keep one credit card in case of emergency?

If you win money, do you quickly return to the casino the next day and then lose it all? These are questions that you will have to answer when you ask the question “Should I stop gambling or try to control gambling?”

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